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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in News |

YouTube redesigns its full web version

YouTube redesigns its full web version

No doubt today was a great day for Google, full of many releases, beginning with the arrival of Snapseed for Android , the new section of Communities for Google+ and now, when we thought that was enough for one day, we were surprised to launch a complete redesign of the web version of YouTube.

is, undoubtedly, the most used video platform in the world, and in recent months have been improving and renewing its mobile version (either iPhone, iPad or Android). However, the web version left a lot to be desired, especially since that remarkable abused intend to integrate Google+ with all and in all, in order to gain more users.

Today, gives YouTube looks much more simple and understandable, it also about the experience we enjoyed on mobile devices, by integrating a left column menu on a much more orderly than they were in the previous version . Here, we can access our playlists, which were previously difficult to achieve, our viewing history, activity of our subscriptions and something to look forward to many, a separate section for the activity of our contacts, which separates finally the videos of our subscriptions with those discussed by our friends, something that was really annoying.

The appearance of the new YouTube in general is much cleaner, which is greatly appreciated, and represents a major renovation that the platform has had in the last two years, plus the best renewal.

But not only the feed channel has changed, as also when we notice a video like this are now located in the upper center, prioritizing video about comments, title and social content, as it should be and as Pending a platform that serves this purpose: see and share videos.

YouTube redesigns its full web version image 2

I’m really quite happy with the new look of YouTube , which has been talked about for a few months, and today without notice Google has released for everyone in the world. If you are not enjoying the redesign, you can be sure that in the course of the next few hours you’ll have available.

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