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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Internet |

YouTube removes two billion video views fictitious music industry

YouTube removes two billion video views fictitious music industry

The famous video portal has been removed in recent days over two billion video views a dummy in the channels of Universal, and RCA as explained from Daily Dot. The reason: made the decision to realize that the producers hired construction services display on sites like Fiverr to generate video views that never existed.

Sony would have lost after reviewing visits from 850 million to 2.3 million. RCA have happened instead of 159 million visits to a total of 120 million. Finally, of all would have been the most affected by losing nearly one billion to below the 6 billion hits.

As reportedly confirmed, all of these companies in the music industry violated YouTube terms of service, which indicate that users account owners can not artificially inflate the number of visits to the videos themselves. According to Google, it is an effort made periodically to apply faithfully the viewCount policy.

And is that today there are many services that promise users the possibility of increased exposure on the web. Spaces like YouLikeHits allow the user to increase the number of likes on Facebook or even increase the number of followers on Twitter. A formula that began long ago when aggregated news on Digg bid selling service “votes” for the notes agree to the first service positions.

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