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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Software |

YouTube turns the iPhone application as

YouTube turns the iPhone application as

has released a client for iPhone. Recall that will not include official Youtube application within iOS 6, a measure that goes in the same line of the ad to develop their own maps to the detriment of Google Maps, which shows their interest to leave freeing of Google applications.

Unlike Google Maps, Youtube original application for iOS was not developed by Google but by Apple itself, so since its launch in 2007 seemed to be frozen in time, without any updates that take advantage of the functionalities that Google Youtube has added to that period.

Google has not been on its hands in record time and have developed a Youtube client for iPhone, available for free. The application itself is not revolutionary, but it is an evolutionary leap compared to the version developed by Apple.

It incorporates the features we’re used to Android users and the web version of Youtube, and display channels that are signed with only autenticarnos with our Gmail account, predictive text search, related videos, and the ability to upload our videos to YouTube from within the app and share it directly by mail (Mail), messaging (iMessage) or in our favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). It also has the ability to adjust the video quality to bandwidth detected in our devices, making watching a video when we have a lower connection speed is not a frustrating task or simply impossible.

As said before, this application does not represent a major change (these features are already available on Android). However, it is important to support that Google is giving users of iOS, demonstrated through the development of this client for iPhone (and soon for iPad) that allow you to recover much of the lost functionality from Apple’s decisions .

Link: Youtube to iPhone

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