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List of Airtel DTH Orrisa packs

Your DTH connection needs to have all the channels you wish to watch. Be it regional or national, you need to find the right pack which fulfills your whole family’s entertainment needs. Our today’s article is about Orrisa specific regional…

Does Overheating Damage Your Devices?

The stakes are exceedingly high if a cell phone, laptop, or home monitoring system malfunctions, especially if it does so unexpectedly and at an inconvenient moment. As more and more of our daily duties, such as managing finances, home…

Electronically sign your PDF with Signeasy 

Introduction  A handwritten signature has historically served as the binding element in agreements between parties. It certifies that you are who you claim to be, have discussed and accepted the terms of the contract or document, and are…

ThriveDX: 6 Jobs For Coding Bootcamp Graduates

Coding Bootcamp is a great way to acquire vital skills in tech. Coding Bootcamps offer training in many disciplines, including data science, software engineering, web development, cybersecurity training, and user experience design.  …

Web Summit 2022

Web Summit is a technology conference held annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit was founded in 2009 by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly, and Daire Hickey and was initially hosted in Dublin, Ireland until 2016, when it relocated permanently…

Making Smartphones More Sustainable

The technology which has made smartphones more powerful, longer lasting and, ultimately, more “smart” can all be traced back to the technology that made them possible in the first place. It was the development of the li-ion battery in the…

An Introduction to Omnichannel Marketing

Technological advancements are moving along at an exponential rate. Most marketers consider this development as both a good and a bad thing. For one, it helps brands communicate effectively to their target audience by delivering the right…

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