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3 Internet Browsers Giving Google Chrome a Run for Its Money

When it comes to internet browsers, the first name to spring up will likely be Google Chrome. They have a huge monopoly right now, so much so that even Microsoft is struggling to compete. That said, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, along with other big names like Mozilla Firefox and Opera offer just as bad a user experience as Chrome does.

They take up huge amounts of resources, do not offer you the privacy that you deserve and are generally quite slow. This is why there is a big gap opening up in the market for new browsers to take advantage.

There are three right now that have already started to attract users.

Vivaldi – for those wanting speed

First up, we have Vivaldi, an internet browser that might not offer the features and the better overall performance of some of the big names like Google Chrome, but offers pure speed. In fact, no other browser can match Vivaldi in this area. We know that many of you hate waiting for pages to open and load, so this might be the best option for you.

Brave – for those wanting cool

First of all, the Brave browser looks fantastic and will earn you style points with your friends. It has a cool name too and even lets you earn BAT, the cryptocurrency of this blockchain-based browser. Once you have earned enough, you can send them to your wallet, cash them in for dollars or send them to your favorite web creators on the Brave network.

It is also much faster than Chrome and Firefox due to being so lightweight.  Brave is definitely a browser that should be checked out – it really is the future of internet browsing.

Tor – for those wanting privacy

Tor often gets a bad name for being used as a gateway to the scary and off-putting dark web but it is so much more than that. No other browser can compete in terms of the privacy that it offers. Once you have finished browsing, it will also automatically remove any trace of your online activity.

This browser isolates all sites you visit and stops them from placing trackers on your computer. Like a VPN, it can also be used to get around geo-restrictions on content.


So the next time you think about Google Chrome to scour the web, why not consider trying one or all of the three above instead? You might lose out on some features but you will get a much better experience when surfing the internet.

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