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5 practical tips for betting on football matches

Are you a real football connoisseur and do you like to take a gamble? In this blog we will give you some very useful tips on how to predict football matches well.

1. Analyze the competition schedule

First, it is good to take a look at the competition schedule for the coming days. A lot of people who bet on football matches like to select multiple matches that are played on the same day. When you want to select multiple matches it is good to look for matches in competitions that you know. Take a look at the schedule and go with your instincts. Which teams do you think are going to win for sure and which teams are going to have a hard time?

2. Do your homework

Look for information about a match you want to bet on. Read articles or view statistics before the match starts. Avoid losing a bet you didn’t know enough about. For example, a team missed several strong players without your knowledge. Or the other team had shown a great form lately but that had passed you by.

3. Never underestimate the advantage of the home team

It is tempting to bet on the big favorite, but is that smart? The bookies also assume a win for the favorite team, with a low score as a result. If you gamble on profits for the underdog, you can win more money.

4. Are there injuries or suspensions?

In each team there are a number of top players who can make the difference. But what happens if that always scoring striker is injured? Or if the regular goalkeeper is suspended? The whole team can get out of balance if these players are not on the field. And that can mean that this resounding victory is no longer so obvious.

5. View previous matches

Every football game is different. Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future. Nevertheless, these results can tell you something about the upcoming match. Maybe both teams played the same game in the past. Or maybe the home team usually drew the longest end. If you want to make a well-considered decision, then you should try this application.

Football API

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