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A Review Of The Best Free VPN Apps

If you are looking for a free VPN service to take up your internet security up a notch, be my guest because this review is especially targeted to you. As many know, the term “VPN” stands for virtual private network, and it is a type of internet protection for your internet usage. There are many benefits to securing your privacy when using a virtual private network, including increasing your online productivity by accessing business websites from your work computer while on the road, or simply by increasing your privacy in general. I will explain what a VPN is, how it works and will discuss why it should be considered as an option for your security needs.

What Is A VPN?

A virtual private network (also known as a VPN) is an application that sits between your internet service provider and your internet connection. When you use a VPN, you basically choose an IP address and a network and then connect to them both using a browser and an IP changing software program or your phone. This allows for secure web surfing, free anonymous browsing, private file storage, and unlimited free VPN which lets you bypass any and all limitations imposed on you by your internet service provider.

To get unlimited VPN gratis, you should join at least five different VPN services which cost you per month. This includes such reliable providers as Tunnelbear, ProxYahoo, Private Internet Access, WiMax Wireless, and The Golden Frog. When choosing a provider, make sure that they offer you unlimited traffic, free software upgrades, email and chat service, a superior customer support system, free hardware, and a free domain name.

Signing Up

After you have chosen a few of these, you can then take the next step in order to start enjoying your free VPN service. Sign up for an account that will give you the option to download and install the software onto your PC. You then need to pay a small fee and then you are ready to connect to the internet. This will allow you to use your connection to browse the net and to do things online just like you would normally do them. Although you can connect to the internet for free with a VPN, there is always going to be a time when you will want to access your favourite social networking website such as Facebook or perhaps your favourite news websites; this will happen no matter where you go online. With the help of a VPN, you are free to connect to these sites without having to worry about getting tracked or harassed by those who are trying to find ways into your private life.

Understand The Risks

When you surf online using a free VPN, you are actually putting yourself at great risk because there is always the risk of exposing your real IP addresses or identifying information to possible malware. Every single internet user is constantly at risk of becoming infected by malware that uses a free VPN to send harmful advertisements to you. This is very common for users of free VPNs; they often connect to their preferred websites and then open up the pop-up window to see some exciting offers that they cannot resist.

As soon as you log in to one of these free VPN services, you are exposing your real IP addresses which means you can never be sure as to whether or not you are safe anymore. Some of the free VPNs that you find online might offer you limited features or they might not even offer you any at all. What kind of a company offers you limited features? Is it a reliable one? These are only some of the questions you should have in mind before you go ahead and sign up for any of the free VPNs out there.

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