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Best Of Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore really can be a blast, yet many individuals adults who work 9 to 5 jobs, myself included, refuse it. Fear of change has to become one of the factors, and yet while you’re in the night, it can be a cool experience.

Laser Tag Methods: Defensive Tactics

  • Know the layout easily.
  • Top reaches are fantastic for aiming down at helpless questers.
  • Walk like that of a crab, i.e. sideways.
  • If you ever see someone take aim and that you can duck, attempt to turn horizontally.

Tips on Targeting

That was mean—this is Very mean—but often desperate circumstances call for drastic measures. If you believe you suck but are out there with your professional and non or, worse, the boss if coworkers, and you would not like to be publicly humiliated by a bad score, go for little children.

Try to hold and fire your water pistol like they shoot automatic rifles in the movies, turning vertically, so your face is tilted to your left-hand shoulder and shooting in that path. This helps you feel as if you’re in an adventure film.

Finally: Get fun! Yeah, you could earn loads of points anyway by lying down in a corner or chasing after little boys. Still, the rush you get after marking a more deserving adversary or an irritating coworker is much more satisfying.

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