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Complete Data Analytics Course Guide

Data analysis is the process of synthesizing data to make a dataset more understandable to provide insights for decision-making. Data analysis is a broad spectrum under which several practices are done, including business analytics. Data analysts perform this analysis to provide insightful data for business planning and strategizing.

The process of data analysis consists of setting goals; integrating analysis tools; collecting data; cleaning data; analyzing; drawing conclusions, and visualizing the data. The whole process of data analysis requires technical and professional skills. Thus, you need a professional course to become a data analyst.

There are two types of data analysis courses depending upon the expertise. You can do either a professional course or a degree course in data analysis. Whether you are a beginner or a working professional, you can opt for any one of these as per your availability. Finding the best data analysis courses would be a tough task, so here we are to help you decide.

What Is the Distinction Between Data Analysis & Data Science?

Data analysis is the process of finding answers to questions. On the other hand, data science is an umbrella term by which questions are formed. Data science is more involved in machine learning. On the contrary, data analysis is just simplifying data to get the answers. There are numerous data science certification courses online. Undoubtedly, both of these skills are sought-after courses.

The Advantages of Taking a Professional Certificate Course

Data analysis is a practical skill that merely requires some theoretical knowledge. The more you practice, the more your skills will get polished. Thus, it would be beneficial to do a certification course. Here are some more benefits of the certification course:

  • Time-saving: certification courses are short-term courses which might wind up in a year’s maximum. You do not have to wait for 3 years to get a degree. It is beneficial for people who just want to add a skill to their resume.
  • It is beneficial for working professionals: even working professionals can opt for a certification course. Even if you do not have time to attend a regular college, you can take advantage of online part-time classes.
  • More Opportunities: adding a certificate course in data analysis to your CV will improve your chances of getting hired for a specific role. People having professional certification in any skill stand out from the crowd, which increases the number of opportunities for them.

Is Data Analysis a Good Career?

According to the current scenario, data analysis has great scope. If you are willing to jumpstart your career, data analytics is the right choice. The reason behind great opportunities in this field is the rising competition in corporations.

These days, organizations have immense competition due to which they require constant planning and strategies for their business. Companies look for insightful data, which is usually quantitative. Quantitative data is the result of analyzing the raw and unsorted data. Companies hire a dedicated team of professionals for their business. Every mid-size or conglomerate requires data analysts. Thus, data analysis is a good career currently.

How to Choose the Right Data Analytics Course?

Data analytics is a great course, and if you have made up your mind about this course, you have to choose diligently. The internet is packed with numerous data analytics courses, but not every course will be worthwhile. In such a landscape, you have to keep the parameters in mind.

  1. Skill Set: Ensure that you acquire specific skill sets based on your level. If you are a beginner, make sure you get the basics of SQL, machine learning, data science, data management, etc.
  2. Certificate Worth: While there are numerous data analytics courses available on the internet, not every LearnTech platform offers a valuable certificate. There are a few online platforms that provide you with industry-relevant certifications.
  3. Fee Structure: Make sure your data analytics certification course does not burn a hole in your pocket. Online certification courses come at an affordable price range. In-depth research can give you some options.
  4. Roles you choose: You have to read whether the course is apt for multiple roles or if it is confined to data analysis. Roles like business analytics head, data science associate, Tableau developer, etc. are some of the roles offered.
  5. Live Projects: It is extremely important to learn how to employ your skills on live projects. Acquiring theoretical knowledge might not help you understand the challenges of the role. Thus, ensure that the LearnTech platform provides practice on live projects.

Why Choose Hero Vired?

Hero Vired is one of the best-known LearnTech platforms that offers industry-relevant courses. You can enroll in their world-class certification courses to acquire end-to-end skills and knowledge of data analytics.


Data analysis can give you high-paying job roles. All you need is the correct course and skill practice. More practice signifies better skills. Every type of business and industry is employing data scientists, analysts, machine learning engineers, etc., to improve business. You can also contribute to Monterey’s success through your skills.

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