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Enjoy Social Media With Yubo: Inside the Newest Features and Happenings

The internet is the new Town Square, and there is no better way to stay up to date with your friends and family than through live-streaming audio and video content. Yubo is a platform founded in 2015 to offer users access to live-streaming content that appeals to a Gen Z audience, with the moderation tools required to provide a safe and compelling experience.

More than just another live discovery platform, Yubo brings something new by shedding itself of Likes and Follows. Instead, Yubo prioritizes quick and convenient communication between its users by utilizing state-of-the-art technology pioneered by the team at Hive.

Creating Better User Experiences

The team at Hive and the team at Yubo partnered together to create live moderation tools that can meet the needs of its social discovery applications. Hive works by scanning and recording 10-second clips of audio from live streams. An AI for detecting any potential rulebreaking then analyzes these transcribed text clips. From there, a Safety Specialist is alerted if there needs to be any further action.

Through trending new tech and the ability to moderate in real-time through safety specialists, Yubo is working to create a safe space for individuals of all ages to thrive. In addition to the sanctity and safety of the space, as it’s protected through moderation, Yubo is also working with “Take it Down” to help its users remove harmful explicit images they may have uploaded.

Yubo’s CEO Sacha Lazimi stated of its efforts to connect with and create a better social media platform, “We are proud to be a partner to NCMEC in the launch of this service and to support innovation that effectively fights the non-consensual spread of content while preserving our users’ privacy.”

Shaking Free of Social Media Stigmas

With anything in life, creating barriers between yourself and the internet’s toxicity is essential. Social media engagement can become problematic for individuals, particularly if they feel a constant barrage of information impacts them.

Individuals must create a social media boundary that they stick firmly to, setting aside only a limited amount of time for the application. The team at Yubo preaches a healthy balance between the internet and the rest of life, advocating for a few of the following concepts.

  • Block Unwanted Content – Don’t force-feed yourself content you don’t want to consume. Block certain words and phrases using Yubo’s “Muted Words” feature.
  • Find Similar People – Use the Yubo Profile Tag feature to find individuals with shared interests. Using this feature, Yubo users can signal their interests to the world to connect with others. Users can select topics that they like or even create their own.
  • Quit Comparing – Finally, the team at Yubo urges its users not to compare themselves to one another. Social media as a platform can lead to discontent when the need to compare happiness with other users is presented.

With a rapidly growing user base and a team of Safety Specialists, Yubo offers industry-leading features backed by capable user safety protocols.

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