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Exploring Meteoric Growth: The Features That Make Yubo The HOT New Social Media Platform

Are you looking for the next best place to hang out on the internet? As social media continue to grow deep roots in our daily lives, platforms like Yubo are rising from the cracks to offer something new, unique, and fundamentally engaging. Developed by a Paris-based company in 2015, Yubo has made great strides in the intervening years as an alternative social media platform for Gen Zers looking for a deeper and more nuanced connection with one another.

If Yubo sounds like a new treat that you’d like to explore, sit back and relax as we navigate the features and benefits that make the service so interesting to potential users.

What Makes Yubo Right For You

More than just another social media platform looking to cash in on our love of clicks and follows, Yubo was crafted to give Gen Z users a safe and enjoyable place to hang out where they can connect with people similar to them. Yubo offers a platform of live-streaming services and internet-based communications for age-approved users. While this all sounds good, let’s dive deeper into our explanation to understand better what we are working with.

First and foremost, security and technology underscore what Yubo does best, and it comes together with its age verification system. Individuals looking to utilize Yubo must first download the Yoti application to verify their age. Utilizing face-recognition software, Yoti provides an age estimation that is roughly 98.9% accurate. As one of the only social media platforms requiring age verification, this is a big step for parents and their younger children.

Next, Yubo works to give users a wide variety of ways to connect to and interface with their followers. People who are looking to get active with live streaming can do so with a single click of a button. Livestreaming videos are fed to registered users to help them connect with potential friends.

Finally, Yubo works overtime to make sure that serendipitous connection is the norm for users no matter where they are or what their interests are. An advanced profile section replete with hashtags, user interests, and other sorting features can help new friends connect and old friends to find one another again.

Looking to the Future With Yubo

When you join Yubo, you begin on even footing with the rest of the users on the platform. Everyone begins on the shared ground and without the need for any awkward messaging as friends probe one another to find out if they are a match. The purpose of the website from the word ‘Go’ remains focused on helping friends connect with friendliness operating as the undercurrent for the experience.

Once you’ve found a connection with an individual, there are a variety of ways to connect, from becoming friends and chatting to texting, calling, and live streaming, all within the shared virtual space. Live content moderators and Safety Specialists ensure that the experience is at once safe and welcoming.

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