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Five Best Features of the Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft runs on monitors in nearly all libraries, schools, homes, and businesses. Windows is quite common that a lot of people do not realize its special features that can boost the speed of personal computers, stream media, and share content. In the past there decades, Windows has gone a long way and you may want to know some of the interesting tools in the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 pro keys can be bought from Softwareguys.

Below are the new features of the new operating system:

New Start Menu

All Windows operating systems have a Start menu, which can be accessed through the Windows icon in the screen’s corner. Clicking on the Start menu will bring users some of the most-used programs, power options, computer settings, and file explorer shortcuts. The appearance of the Start menu can be changed by right-clicking on the icon or by using a keyboard shortcut by hitting the Windows key. Although the Start menu of the Windows 10 OS still offers access to programs, it already includes a Task Manager, Device Manager, Control Panel, and trusty Command Prompt.

Malware Removal

Windows 10 has the tool called Windows Defender. Users can set up this security tool to block malware attacks in real-time or do a scan when necessary. To ensure the activation of the tool, users can type “Windows Defender” into the taskbar and choose the Windows Defender app. It is also important to make sure that Real-time protection is activated.

Disk Cleanup

A disk cleanup is a method to make computers run faster when they have less RAM than they do these days. It can delete files and make sure the Recycle Bin is cleared out. On the Windows 10 operating system, users can type “disk cleanup” into their taskbar and click on the Disk Cleanup app to get started with file deletion.

Quick Taskbar Access

Windows 10 comes with convenient and new keyboard shortcuts. Hitting the Windows key will open the programs at the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen. When opening chrome, users just have to hold down the Windows key and press 2. This is a quick way to access popular applications without using the mouse.

Video Streaming

Using compatible devices, users can stream videos on their television through Windows 10. They just need to type “media streaming“into the taskbar and choose Media Streaming Options. Instructions will be provided to proceed.

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