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Glenn Lurie: The Man Behind the Tech

The Athletic Roots of Glenn Lurie

In the lush, sports-loving city of Portland, Oregon, a young and passionate soccer enthusiast was making waves on the field. Glenn Lurie was not just a player but a force of nature. Born with a knack for soccer, Lurie’s early days were marked by his achievements in soccer at both the club and school levels. But what many might not know is that this athlete’s journey from the soccer field would lead him to become an icon in the technology, media, and telecommunications sector, culminating in his significant roles in the business world.

College Days: Soccer and Seattle

Seattle – a city known for its love for coffee, music, and soccer. For Lurie, Seattle wasn’t just any city; it was the backdrop for his college years and the nexus of his life’s two passions: soccer and business. Enrolled at Seattle Pacific University, Lurie’s love for soccer grew. The sport offered more than just a game; it was a teacher. Lurie won 3 NCAA National Championship in his 4 seasons at SPU and went on to get drafted to play professional soccer. Lessons learned on the field would later be pivotal in his business acumen, Glenn Lurie. Lurie acknowledges, “Soccer shaped me. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Glenn Lurie’s Three Lessons That Team Sports Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Transitioning Passions: Soccer Cleats to Corporate Suits

Upon graduation, the world of professional soccer beckoned. Lurie responded, showcasing his skills in cities like Atlanta, Cleveland, and Milwaukee. But beneath the athlete was a budding businessman waiting for the right opportunity. That moment arrived with a sales representative role at McCaw Cellular Communications, marking Lurie’s first steps into cellular and telecommunications.

From McCaw Cellular, Lurie’s path led him to AT&T which acquired McCaw in 1994, where he didn’t just work; he transformed. Climbing the corporate ladder, he played a pivotal role in landmark projects, including the launch of the iPhone and the iPad. His name became synonymous with innovation and operating excellence.

Glenn Lurie: A New Chapter

After retiring from  AT&T, the tech world eagerly watched Lurie’s next move. The answer came in the form of Synchronoss Technologies. In Bridgewater, New Jersey, as the president and CEO, Lurie’s impact was immediate. With a history rich in innovation and leadership, it was not just a job title; it represented a vision for the future of mobile technology.

Beyond Synchronoss, Lurie’s influence is felt in multiple boardrooms, from Avis Budget Group, Pivotal Commware, and Teal Communication to BlueLink Wireless. However, the fusion of his athletic background and business prowess sets him apart. As Lurie often mentions, the world of sports and business are intertwined. The discipline, teamwork, and leadership honed on the soccer field have been instrumental in navigating boardroom challenges. This blend of athleticism and acumen makes Glenn Lurie a name to remember in the tech world.

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