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How to avoid duplication in your work documents

The implication of duplication

Working on multiple written assignments is a common scenario for most professional writers. Freelancers have to work on several projects and adhere to deadlines. In this professional arena, the presence of duplicate word document files can create several problems.

A duplicate file is simply understood as a copy of another word file in the system. But the duplication can occur in several ways. The presence of files that have the same content can lead to errors. Comparing two documents is essential to avoid such mistakes.

The manual form of checking folders on the system for duplicate files can take up a lot of time. To search for an identical document file, it is sensible to use an automatic compare word document application.

How to identify document duplication?

There are some instances when duplicate files are easily discernible. However, the presence of multiple documents in the system often leads to loss of track. The exact documents can remain in the system under a different file name or in a separate folder in a different location.

The file format of a document is changeable. Submissions are often made in a specific file format. While changing a Docx file into a doc file or any other format, the original file can remain in the system.

The presence of pdf files and doc files of the same content can create duplicate files in the storage system. File extensions also result in files with different names but the same content.

It is not always easy to spot the same content files manually. Employing a content checker for finding duplicate files eases the task of identifying such files in the computer system.

The consequences of document duplication

The presence of files having the same content can lead to confusion. It can affect the relationship with clients if the same files or wrong files are sent to them.

Apart from confusion arising out of duplication, the duplicate files waste the hard disk’s precious space. Important files might not get saved due to a lack of space on the system.

Sending the unimportant files to the junk folder is not enough because it still uses disk space. Deleting the files from the system ensures restoration of the storage space.

Methods of avoiding duplicate documents

To prevent duplicates, a few steps are discussed below:

  • Maintain the work folder meticulously: Multiple written assignments are expected. The effort that is put in managing the assignments makes the difference.
  • Use correct file names: It is sensible to save file names as per the client’s guidelines. Drafts are also to be saved under correct names so that reworking the draft doesn’t create a duplicate file.
  • Research and scan documents: The written matter has to be unique. Spinning the same content creates duplicate issue, repeatedly.
  • Store published documents chronologically: Maintain a strict record of published papers to prevent duplicate files.
  • Scan the system with a duplicate checker: To find and eliminate duplicate files, use technologically advanced software to scan the storage system automatically.


It is effortless to detect a duplicate file with file checker software. A person can enter the duplicate file name and find the duplicates of that file. To ensure a comprehensive cleaning of the storage system from junk files, it is prudent to conduct periodic scanning of the stored files for unknown duplicate files.

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