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How to Create a Sound SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy

In a field like SEO, the role of a strategy becomes very crucial. Managing many moving parts of a campaign is extremely difficult, and SEO is more or less an amalgamation of many moving parts. From handling content to researching the right keywords and creating relevant backlinks, all activities together have to work together in order to ensure complete SEO optimization.

In many circles, the importance of a strategy in SEO is considered to be an overestimation. This perception is largely born from the failure of many SEO strategies in many digital marketing campaigns.

The failure of any number of SEO strategies does not take away the merit of creating a sound strategy for a campaign. Without an SEO strategy, the entire effort driving organic search visibility tends to lack any direction or purpose, which is an even greater risk from a digital marketing perspective than having a bad strategy in place.

In any digital marketing course worthy of its name, students are taught how an SEO strategy is shaped to ensure an organic increase in traffic. From an online program to a digital marketing course, creating a sound SEO strategy is a common topic.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that have to be considered while making the perfect SEO strategy.

Make Content Main Focus

Content is the nucleus around which an entire digital marketing campaign is shaped. For an SEO strategy to succeed, marketers must make content their prime focus. From allocating necessary resources to the content writing team to making sure the pace of content publication is met, all these factors have to be taken into account while an SEO strategy is being planned.

Keyword Planning

No matter how good the content is written, it needs to meet certain on-page SEO factors related essentially to keyword presence.

Before creating content, digital marketers have to identify keywords that are ideal based upon the audience identified for a campaign.

Keyword planning is largely predicated on a number of qualitative and quantitative factors. Quantitatively, the keyword selected should have low competition so that it can be ranked with relative ease. Qualitatively, the keyword identified should have ground connect with the target audience.


While backlinks can be created organically if the content created is good enough, it is wise to take upon the link building process anyways.

In an SEO campaign, the balance in focus between content and backlinks varies. While some campaigns need to put out more content, other campaigns have to focus on backlinks instead.

Guest posting is the best way to create backlinks as they have the added benefit of directing traffic to the website as well.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three main factors that have to be covered in a particular SEO strategy.

About the Author – Hemant is a content strategist currently working at Delhi Courses is a top training institute known for its popular digital marketing course in Delhi.

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