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How to Use Tech to Talk to the Grandkids

Technology is, for the most part, new to society and constantly changing. Although home telephones have been around for decades, cell phones, tablets, and laptops are a much newer kind of technology. Today’s cell phones are basically computers condensed into small handheld devices that you can carry around anywhere. You do need service or Wi-Fi to make calls or send texts, but technology is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones, especially grandkids.

The younger generations have become very familiar with the technology that can be used to communicate with others. If you have a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, you can use several different features and platforms to keep in touch with your grandkids.

Basic technology methods

A basic way to communicate with your grandkids can be through regular phone calls and texting. If you have an iPhone, you can text to another iPhone, and the connection uses iMessage. These messages connect quicker than if you were texting a different phone, such as an Android. You can even see when someone is currently typing or if they have read your message. There are pictures and emojis that you can also send to make the conversation more entertaining.

There is also an app called WhatsApp that you can download and use to text others. Many texting apps allow you to create group chats that will enable multiple people to conversate. This can be a great way to stay in touch and talk with grandkids.

Social media platforms for communication

Social media is a relatively new way to communicate with grandkids and others. Social media platforms that you may use include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The most used social media platform by those 65 and older is Facebook.

There are many features you can use within this platform to talk with others. You can post a direct statement on someone’s profile wall, you can tag them in another person’s post, or you can leave a comment. Facebook helps you stay up to date with the lives of those you are friends with. Whether you live far away or close to your grandkids, you can use this platform to stay in touch.

There is also an app called Facebook Messenger, which allows you to private message your grandkids individually or in a group. This kind of messaging is entirely private and is not public like most conversations are on Facebook.

Live video chats

Today’s technology allows you to have live video chats with others. Live chat allows you to have a live video conversation where you can see them, and they can see you. You can use your phone, a tablet or iPad, or a laptop. You may need to have a specific app depending on the device you are using.

If you have an iPhone and your grandkids have iPhones, you can use FaceTime to live chat. You would be able to hold your phone so that they can see your face, and you will also be able to see theirs. You can even flip the camera view around so you can show them something or vice versa.

If you don’t have an iPhone or your grandkids have a different phone than you, then Google Duo is an app you can download and use for video chats. Google Duo works the same way as iPhone FaceTime.

Another way you can connect with grandkids is through Zoom. Since the pandemic, Zoom has become a popular way to communicate with others. It can allow several people to live video chat at the same time. You may consider using Zoom during holidays if you want to connect with several people in different states.


Your grandkids are likely to be familiar with all the ways you can communicate using technology. The more you use these methods, the easier it is to use them and understand how each one works.

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