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Is a Busway Power Distribution System The Right Choice For Your Date Centre.

All data centres are going to need some kind of power distribution system, and so you are left with some very difficult decisions to make. You could opt for running your cabling under the floor, or you could decide to install it, in the ceiling above your head. The difficulty with putting the cabling under the floor, is that it can restrict the airflow, and this, in turn, creates what we call ‘hotspots.’ Hotspots are to be avoided, because they will cause you unnecessary costs, with regard to cooling that area.

If you decide to set up a busway data centre, then you can install your cabling overhead, and this has proven itself to be a lot more energy efficient. There is no interruption in airflow, and so your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. By using busway, you are also saving yourself money and time, because it is much more easily installed, and less effort is required. It may require you to spend a little bit more money in the beginning, but it will more than pay for itself in time. If any additions have to be made, or the busway has to be moved to another location, then this is all very easily done.

Busway is especially useful when you’re installing cabling in high-rise buildings, and it comes in many different designs, and has been created for many different uses. It is actually created and built to fit quite specific layouts, and so it can be shipped directly to your place of business, and can be installed in just a fraction of the time that would normally take for conduit and wire systems. It also takes up a lot less space, than having many different conduits.

When it comes to installation, the costs are dramatically lowered, because the busway snaps together, and then can be hung over all of your different equipment, and this can save you many thousands of baht. It is very kind to the environment, because it can be reused, and rerouted, if you want to add to, or change anything, in your power distribution system. Because it uses less copper and steal, it means that there is less waste, and so it is regarded as having a much less environmental impact, then its competitors.

Busway allows the conductor bars to be closed, and so it has one of the highest short-circuit ratings, currently available.

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