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Key Aspects of Managing Room Distribution with a Central Reservation System

Success in the hotel industry depends on a large number of factors and savvy managers need to use every tool available to them. From using automation in the daily tasks to creating workflows that get the best output from the staff, a hotel manager’s job is never really done. More managers are now using cloud PMS to manage their hotel properties and they are also using tools like a cloud-based hotel reservation system that can help them to get an edge over their competition.

A CRS sends the information from the booking channels to the property management software used by the hotel. Property management software for smaller properties often has a reservation system built-in, but managers of large properties and chain hotels can choose a central reservation system of their choice from a third party vendor. In essence, a central reservation system offers managers a greater degree of control on their hotel’s reservations and inventory while allowing them to fine-tune every aspect of their workflow to suit the needs of their hotel.

Ways in which A Central Reservation System for Hotels Adds to Efficiency

Consolidation of Information

For many modern hotels, their bookings come to them from various sources such as online bookings, in-person bookings, on-call bookings, and through OTAs and more. Using a central reservation system allows hotels to consolidate the majority of these bookings in a single space that gives managers a better degree of control over their inventory. Managers are often dealing with a lot of tasks and having all information in one place allows them to better allocate their resources for maximum productivity and profits.

Real Time Communication

For any business, real time communication is the key to improving their profits. By using a central reservation system for hotels, a manager and staff can get real time access to data like room rates, inventory status, booking done, pending bookings, and much more. Access to this information gives the front desk a better way to manage bookings so that issues like double booking or overbooking do not happen. With a central reservation system in place, hotels can focus on optimizing their distribution channels to get maximum ROI.

Improving Guest Relations

For any hospitality business, the final goal is to get repeat guests and get word-of-mouth publicity. A central reservation system can help to share the profile of the guest across the hotels in the chain so that guests can get a personal experience every time they choose a property from the hotel chain. When the services offered by the hotel are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the guests, they are more likely to choose the property for their future visits. Using a cloud-based hotel reservation system can give staff an idea about the customer habits, purchase decisions, and preferences that help to build long-term relationships with the customers.

Error Prevention

Any error in data collection can create problems in the whole workflow of the hotel. As long as there is manual data addition, there is a chance of errors creeping in. With a central reservation system for hotels, data entry can be automated and errors can be reduced by a great degree. From updating room rates, room availability, and pending bookings, all this information can be updated automatically through synchronization with the cloud so that it saves time for the staff and also adds to the comfort of the guests.

In-depth Reporting

Reports give an insight into how the booking system of the hotel works and which areas of the system need to be tweaked for better performance. The cloud-based hotel reservation system offers in-depth reports about the profits, repeat sales, performance of channels and much more. All these reports are easy to understand and these can be further customized to take into account weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance of various channels. Managers can thus allocate resources to the areas of hotel that need improvement.

Excellent Data Security

Guests booking a room through a central reservation system can rest assured that the information that they share with the hotel will remain secure. From personal information to the payment information, all data in the cloud is stored under high-grade encryption. As the data is shared with only the approved personnel in the hotel chain, guests can expect excellent levels of personalized stay through all hotels of the chain. Hotels can also offer guests with freebies and discounts on their birthday or anniversary dates. These are the small touches that can help in building a strong relationship with the guests so that they choose the hotel for their every stay.


Managing room distribution is a task that can be simplified by using a central reservation system for hotels. There are many different ways in which a CRS adds to the profitability and performance of the hotel. In a modern setup, hotel managers that do not invest in a cloud based CRS are simply leaving money on the table. The benefits offered by a central reservation system can supercharge a hotel’s operations and bring in profits from all kinds of avenues.

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