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Laser Cutter vs Waterjet Cutting: Key Points to Set Them Apart

When you’re faced with having to choose between waterjet cutting and laser cutting, things are not as easy as you’d think.  Both of them seem like good options, but at the same time, each one is suitable for specific situations. So, how do you choose and make sure you made the right decision? This article will tell you the key points that separate the two and help you pick the one that you need.

  1. Different Materials

First things first, laser cutting and waterjet cutting work better with particular materials.

Let’s take laser cutting, for example. This method is meant for materials between 0.12 and 0.4 thick. If you have medium-thick steel sheets, then a laser cutter will be more than suitable. Some of the materials that are also appropriate for laser cutting are wood, plastic, and glass.

Concurrently, waterjet cutting is suitable for all types of materials, even combinations of them. If materials are between 0.4 and 2 thick, then they can be cut with a water jet. You can check out water cutting machines at .

  1. Noise Levels

Most people don’t do well with noise, and maybe you’re one of them. So, laser cutting is usually the less noisy method – so, it won’t cause any stress.

Conversely, waterjet cutting is way noisier, and if you use it for a long time, you’ll walk away stressed out from the sound.

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  1. Safety

Among the two, waterjet cutting is the riskier method. When you are using it, safety measures are required. You need to use safety glasses, as well as specific covers and gears. You need to be protected against pressured water if you don’t want anything bad to happen.

Meanwhile, laser cutting has lower risks, as you don’t really need safety glasses. However, it’s still better to wear protection just in case.

  1. Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, waterjet cutting is the method that gets the place messier and forces you to clean more. A lot of cutting waste is being produced. With laser cutting, there isn’t too much waste to get rid of, other than some dust that you can vacuum.

Final Thoughts

Each one of these methods is useful in its own way, but it’s important to know the differences between them before you settle for one. Now that you know the key points, you will be able to make your choice and not regret it.

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