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Make the Best Come With the Instagram Bot

While wandering on the net, whether on websites or on social networks, we notice more and more often a small window open on our screen with a message like “Do you need help?” “Or can I inform you?” Have websites or Facebook pages become selfless? They are actually chatbots that are there to facilitate contact with Internet users. But not only that, they also allow you to broadcast your communications directly in Messenger. In this article, Macomm summarizes everything you need to know about this technology and especially why it is so essential.

What Are Chatbots?

The origin of the word chatbot comes from “Chat” which means chat and robot bot. By definition, a chatbot is therefore a conversational robot.

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, this conversational agent can interact with an Internet user in an automated manner. It is therefore able to process natural language thanks to technology and to respond to simple questions and requests addressed to it.

Why Use A Chatbot?

Chatbots are an integral part of relationship marketing following online customer service logic. Internet users can ask a question and receive an instant answer. This principle of immediacy is fundamental in marketing. In fact, the shorter the time between the idea of ​​consumption and the gathering of information, the more your customers will be quick to enter into a commercial relationship with you.

But it goes much further. It is a real tool to push your communications. Did you know that you can directly address your community through your chatbot manager? And yes, you can directly annoy them with messages via Messenger for example.

In addition, chatbots save you considerable time. As consumers very often ask the same questions in the first phase of making contact and seek rather basic information, the chatbot will allow you to answer them.

For consumers, installing chatbots also has advantages. Contact is made in a few clicks! Besides, you no longer have to wait endless minutes on the phone to speak with customer service.

How Does A Chatbot Work?

The user sends his request via the messaging interface and the chatbot will process it. If the robot cannot answer the question, a human takes over. Now that the Instagram bot is quite useful in gathering up likes and more, you will need to use it more often.

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