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Matt Davies Stockton Provides Tips for Remote Tech Support for A Small Business


According to Matt Davies Stockton, the pandemic has forced many small businesses to change the way they work. A lot more employees are working from home and that means small businesses need to set up remote IT support. Let’s check out how your small business can do that efficiently.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Provide employees with decent cloud productivity tools and internet connection – Just because you have a robust internet connection, doesn’t mean it’s the same for your employees. A broadband connection is still unreliable in many parts of the country. Make sure that your employees have a reliable and fast enough internet connection to handle all the business workload.

Apart from that, you also need to make sure that the workers have all the necessary cloud productivity tools that are necessary for your business. You can buy a bundled subscription for those tools so that your employees can communicate, collaborate and share files easily. If the broadband connection of your employees isn’t top-notch, consider providing them a smartphone with a mobile internet plan so that they can use it as a hotspot when their broadband connection is down.

  1. Make sure your employees have secure and updated devices – Cybersecurity threats have been increasing over the past decade. A security breach can compromise your business secrets or bring them down in many ways. That’s why you need to make sure that your employees use updated devices that can shield against those threats. Consider getting VoIP business phones or virtual desktop environments for your employees.
  1. Check your business’ cybersecurity – Apart from making sure that your employees use secured and updated devices, you need to check the same for your entire business operation. In the era of remote work, there are too many overlooked cybersecurity risks. Some of them include lack of data sharing, poor email security training, lack of privacy in video meets, outdated software, and more.

Cybercriminals take advantage of untrained employees in many ways. From making them click on malicious links to extracting sensitive information from them through social engineering. Make sure to train your employees against such threats and provide them with appropriate digital security training. Also, make sure to audit all the technology you are using for remote work including the hardware.

  1. Helpdesk – Helpdesks are very useful and have been adopted by large companies for a very long time. 24/7 IT help desks allow your employees to troubleshoot a technical problem and get back to their work quickly. Fortunately, such services are now also available for small businesses. Companies like Zoho, Freshdesk, and HubSpot offer such services for small businesses and help you avoid setting up an in-house IT helpdesk with several technically trained support workers for 24/7 availability.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to set up an efficient remote IT support infrastructure for your business. While remote work was a change of pace during the pandemic, businesses have realized that it’s here to stay and that means remote IT support is more important than ever.

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