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Micro Lens: The Technology That Drafted New Age Gadgets!

With a diameter less than a millimeter, micro lens are lenses with good optical refraction and quality optical focus. Adding depth to the objects and increasing enhanced imagery possible the lens is used in a variety of optical applications to provide for custom configurations that offer both one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays.

With concave and convex arrays the micro lens are produced with polymer microlens arrays of hot-embossing, UV replication and injection molding. Today most of the cameras, optical devices and healthcare instruments are designed with micro lens to make it a more holistic experience. Here is what benefits its usage.

Defines optical viewing

Micro lens has been increasingly used in the popular gadgets of today to enhance the optical viewing. As the sub-millimeter arrays make quality viewing of imagery possible and adds 3D depth to the images, it is mixed with other optical illusion lenses to make for a good glass that helps craft spectacles, lenses and more. Today some of the popular lens and optical brands combine their glasses with micro lens to enhance its quality and viewership that supports low light viewing.

Sharp detailed and close-up photography

Cameras like DSLR, point and shoot, compact zoom and mirrorless are powered with micro lens to define still objects and enhance their detailing. Be it functioning under low-light to capture the best of images or to make precise photography with the right balance of colours, image details and pixel quality, the micro lens adds depth to the images with its high-quality viewing and stunning image quality. For sharp detailed photography that helps zooming and capturing pictures, this lens has been a breakthrough technology which adds life to the cameras.

Micro incision cataract devices

Cataract surgery devices are often designed with light weight tools and an excellent quality camera and lens to give an intense and quality image of the eye. The advanced technology has seeped into the instruments to provide for exclusive micro lens technology that combines sharp imagery, high quality viewing and zoomed quality images. The micro incision technique specially is assisted with lens viewing which helps the cataract surgeons to work with precision. Even the most robust of CT scan and MRI systems are today powered by the micro lens to support the advanced mechanisms that healthcare devices today work in.

Changing the face of new devices, micro lens comes with its tonnes of benefits powering the modern gadgets with excellence.

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