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Reasons Why Your Business Should Print Product Catalogs

Over the last couple of years, retailers have shifted to the internet to not only promote but also sell their products. While the internet has made it pretty easier to quickly upload product photos, descriptions, and keywords, it is also more populated and retailers have to struggle to acquire consumers’ attention.

While we are not discouraging you from utilizing the internet, there is great value in incorporating a catalog as a tool to enhance your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a perfect way to stand out from the virtual crowd, printing a catalog design can help you achieve that.

If you are still not sure about the idea of printing a catalog, here are the reasons that will prompt you to do so.

  1. Catalogs can influence purchasing decisions

According to a research carried out by the United States Postal Service [USPS], catalogs have a strong influence on purchasing decisions compared to websites and TV adverts.  Many people tend to agree that catalogs make them more interested in a particular brand’s products. They are also more likely to purchase the product after seeing it in a catalog.

One of the reasons that make catalogs more effective is that they are active and not passive. Of course, direct mailings are more tangible unlike staring at the computer screen. They require the viewer to do something with it, which in this case is to make a buying decision.

  1. People engage with catalogs on a deeper level

As humans, we are very much affected by what we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. Since catalogs are physical media, consumers are instantly inspired differently more than with online media. With the high competition level, brands must up their game; it’s more than advertising – they need to emotionally connect with the customers and prospects. Through the high-quality images and stories, catalogs take consumers on a journey.

  1. Catalogs help increase brand awareness

It is no secret that a lot of people tend to keep catalogs for a certain period of time in their homes. Of course, this results in keeping consumers more aware of your brand. In addition to that, many people will agree that catalogs help them know what a brand is offering to the consumers. That’s why you need to present a strong brand identity in your catalog design.

  1. Catalogs make perfect high-quality content marketing tools

Since time immemorial, people have engaged through stories. That’s why content marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing tools. It tells stories to attract and retain customers. Other than educating people about your products or services, catalogs allow you to use images and stories to take them to an adventure.

  1. Catalogs drive action

When it comes to marketing tools, the main question is, do they produce results? With catalogs, the answer is yes. The research conducted by the USPS also found that direct mail, such as catalogs generally produce better recall over a long period, strong brand association, as well as deeper emotional connection, thus driving an action, which is to purchase.

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