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Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in Internet |

scroblr, scrobbling from the most popular services

scroblr, scrobbling from the most popular services

The music can not miss in 2013. Besides recommending you, of course, follow the publication cited Hipertextual for art, Sonic Spoon , I start the year devoting a series of posts where services not only enjoy, but to small mobile desktop utilities or where or ways to strengthen it consume as scroblr.

The scrobbling music is something that takes several years being used massively and is now at its best. A great idea for us to collect our musical reproductions proposes to do all sorts of statistics and recover in the future, for example, subjects listened for years, most played albums chart, and a host of other things that can be really interesting for music lovers.

The site is quintessential Last.FM, where we access these lists, but before they get there our data we need a player that is compatible or service and collect. Most services and implement the scrobbling known musical, except as discussed below, and send our data from Spotify or Aimp, online and offline aspects respectively, is something every music lover can do.

The exceptions are in other players known and very fashionable as SoundCloud, Bandcamp or Google Play, which recently landed in Spain. Now thanks to scroblr can stop worrying about them and 11 other music services online through a utility that allows views in all of them are sent to Last.FM.

scroblr, scrobbling from the most popular services image 2

is an extension available in both Google Chrome and in Safari that allows us to scrobbling from all these services:

  • Pandora
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • AccuRadio
  • Bandcamp
  • Jango
  • Rhapsody
  • Songza
  • SoundCloud
  • This Is My Jam
  • Twonky

From the official website promises that we are working to include more services, but for now the truth is that we can not complain, and adding the extension to others that we have seen , we may retain the reproductions of items from the most popular services .

How does it work? The truth is that using scroblr could not be easier. Simply install the add and introduce our user data Last.FM. After a few seconds we will be connected to the famous service, and when we start playing some issue in one of the supported services, both as artist and song duration will be sent to to your file in the database.

In tests worked perfectly in most cases, although some SoundCloud song, one of my favorite services list, without being collected was not sure if by faults with my internet connection or limitations API Last.FM. Yet scroblr has proven to be one of the extensions necessary for every fan of scrobbling, and passes from and to be one of my essential for this 2013 that started today.

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