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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Guides / Tips |

The 15 applications that can not miss in your new iPad

The 15 applications that can not miss in your new iPad

The holidays may have left us with a collection of innocuous gifts like ties and makeup, but we may have left a surprise under the Christmas tree. If we are geeks and we received one of the workhorses of Apple, the iPad, then we spent the last few days crazed looking to download and use applications. But, at least this is what happened to me during my first few weeks with the team, we can find a huge number of free applications that ultimately we are useless, or worse, with apps purchased in the end had free alternatives that work perfectly well. Do not despair: Here we present the 15 applications that can not miss in your new iPad.

Attention, because the first thing we have to do with such a device, although at first not entirely clear, is to know what we are going to use. Will it be a personal assistant? Are we going to wear to the office? Or have a rather playful use, gaming and entertainment? We may not know this up front, but we have to define what are the things we want to do for the team. To name one thing, and these are very basic examples, if we synchronize what email account, if we will add social networking, if we are to also synchronize our calendar and more. We deal with these 15 applications meet the needs simpler with office applications, social networking, games, calendars, finance apps, reminders, and more. We also try to save some offering mostly free applications, although some payment listed for quality.


The first thing we want to do with an is add our email. The device has, of course, with a native option simply called Mail, which is very effective and complete, and has support for various types of accounts like POP3, IMAP, and more. However, and this is something that you can read in some user forums, many corporate accounts may not work with Exchange. So never hurts to have some backup applications. We selected three of the ones we like, for different needs.

  • Gmail 2.0 : a few weeks ago, Google renewed its application suite for iPad and introduced version 2.0 of their email. We, the users, we are grateful: the original version was a disaster and this new attempt incorporates many of the lessons learned from the original fiasco addition many of the innovative features of Sparrow, a client for Mac and iPhone that the company acquired in mid- year. So if we are heavy users of Gmail, this application is preferred over mail, thanks to support for multiple accounts at the same time, contact pictures, a nice interface and endless scroll, among other things. Download
  • ibisMail: for those who need more corporate approach to managing email from the iPad, ibisMail has support for POP3, IMAP4, and basically any type of authentication to use. At a cost of U $7, 99, has some interesting features such as saving attachments in Dropbox, sending files as attachments to Dropbox, powerful search capabilities, creating folders, labels and filters, display options, and more. Both Mail and Gmail can get to fail when it comes to corporate accounts that, if we come from Windows, Outlook usually handle. ibisMail, that does not really have a price so exorbitant, it may be the solution to this problem. Download
  • mBox Mail: another option for users of Hotmail (now called Outlook) is mBox. The main features of this application are speed and full access to our Windows Live Mail. It has a very nice interface, which is very similar to some Mail but with a little more playful colors, and a design specially optimized for the iPad. It also has push notifications, and create custom folders synchronized with the account directly from your iPad, search for emails, contacts access to Windows Live, and more. mBox is a bit more expensive than the previous option, and can be downloaded from the App Store for $9, 99. Download

Social Networks

Social networks have to be yes or yes access from mobile devices like the iPad. Statistics show that more and more users are coming and spending time on their profiles from the mobile network , and throughout 2013, this trend will be reinforced. So if we just got an iPad have to have access to our favorite networks. The reality is that, with the exception of LinkedIn, which has an iPad app that leaves much to be desired, we can find basically all networks in the form of application. As our selection is limited, try to optimize this by presenting options that are managers of multiple profiles at the same time, with the exception of Facebook.

  • Facebook: the Facebook app for iPad is efficient, stable and fast, thanks to native code that allows you to run smoothly. Make the most of the iPad’s screen-if we have the new, with retina display, know what that means-with options for viewing photos. Basically, with the exception of access to applications, we do what we do from the web version of Facebook: post updates, photos and videos, comment, give like, go to profiles, and more. Although you can manage from another application complete with other social networks, is one of the best available. Download
  • HootSuite: This is a somewhat more professional choice because we can manage multiple profiles from different social networks like Facebook and Twitter, all in one place. While we can access a premium account, for example, divide the administration between different team members, on the other hand we have several free features that, if we are one person, come in handy. With HootSuite can adminitrar Twitter account, Facebook, to check in on Foursquare, schedule messages to be sent in the near future, and use the tool to shorten URLs native Download
  • Tweetbot: for those addicted to Twitter, Tweetbot is an option, no doubt. While not free, it costs U $2, 99, which is not much, is one of the most powerful and efficient, and also features an interface that allows us to absorb as much information as possible in a limited time . It supports multiple timelines, smart touch gestures to save time while we’re using the app, native push notifications, customizable navigation, and support for more services such as Pocket, Instapaper, Droplr, and more. Download

Office Suites

Other key applications that we will need, especially if you want to use your iPad for work, are those of office. Fortunately we have many options, but the downside is that most, or at least those that are really worth, they cost a pretty penny. As a recommendation to get everything completely right, without having to open your wallet, you can use the web version of Google Docs, particularly from Chrome for iPad, for document editing features from web browsers. If you do not want to, or do not usually work with Google Docs, then we are going to have to have a good office suite and make the investment.

The 15 applications that can not miss in your new iPad image 2

  • Documents Free: Free tearing down the side, Documents has a version that lets you edit documents, but is somewhat limited. With Free Documents can edit text files, spreadsheets and presentations, which is basically all you expect from an office suite in this style. The paid version is more complete, but to pay, we will move to other more worth it. Download
  • Office2 HD: This is my header iPad application, because in addition to being able to open Word, Excel and more, also sync with our Google Docs account to access all files, edit them, upload them and continue to work collaboratively . I think this is what stands out to Office2 HD for all other applications in App Store. The price is also relatively accessible, currently €6.99. Download
  • Quickoffice Pro: Finally, another option that we can install in our brand new iPad is Quickoffice Pro, one of the most appreciated by users of the device. Unfortunately, it has a cost, but not as high as before. We can have it installed by €2.69 and not occupy too much space. It also supports editing of the most popular formats of the programs you use every day, plus sync with SugarSync. Download


The iPad can also be used as a personal assistant exacerbated, with various productivity applications. One of the most populated categories of the App Store is just the productivity, but would have to review the categorization criteria considering some of those found there. So, without prior referral is difficult to know what we are looking for. So basically these three applications cover all the needs of productivity that we have: do lists, project management in a collaborative way, and annotations in the cloud.

  • Things: this will be the most expensive application that we recommend, but, in his defense, not only us laudamos. She was selected in countless opportunities as one of the best applications for the device, and I think you should not miss if you’re used to using other operators like Google Tasks. It costs U $19, 99-yes, it is high-but offers a task manager with a simple interface and comfortable. If you have Mac, you can also download the desktop application to synchronize all tasks between devices. Download
  • Wunderlist: completely free, and recently upgraded to add a range of functionality rather than productive, Wunderlist is one of the best applications to manage and work on projects collaboratively. We can build side projects, inviting people to work with us, create subtasks within a task, recurring tasks, and more. Interface has a very quick and pleasant to use, besides being stable and fast. It also features synchronization between mobile applications-both and Android, and different desktop applications. Download
  • Evernote: when it comes to scoring in the cloud, we can not be talking about something else than Evernote. This steroid has scorer synchronization with different devices simultaneously, ability to store notes on photo or handwriting, and optimized with a range of third-party applications. You can make the most through a series of multi-touch gestures to save time, and has many secrets that really should write a book, and not just a paragraph. It is also completely free. Download


Finally, we can not work all day on the iPad. We also have to have fun spaces. Best games for iPad accelerometer team advantage, very stable, and powerful Game Center that comes with the device. When downloading games, try starting with the first free, to know what we really like. Then we move towards the most complicated-and payments-which by the way have a quality graphics and amazing gameplay, which can not be compared to other games on mobile devices. If you think that entertainment is not just games, they can also download applications from Spotify, Grooveshark, and enjoy the native application synchronizing video series and movies from your computer via iTunes.

  • Temple Run: In this game we are a good adventurer Indiana Jones-style escape that has some weird monkeys and collect as many coins as possible while giving away several obstacles. With simple touch commands to move the character and a good use of the accelerometer, Temple Run is one of the most addictive games to hit the iPad. Download
  • Infinity Blade II: Infinity Blade is one of the favorite games for gamers on the iPad, and its sequel could not stay behind. With stunning graphics and gameplay that presents complications and new villains as we go, with options to change weapons, armor, helmets and shields, is a classic fighting game that could easily belong to a console. Download
  • Hungry Shark Evolution: another super addictive game that also leverages the accelerometer-although we have several control options-is Hungry Shark Evolution, which introduces us to a nice eating shark responsible for almost everything that lives in the ocean. We can improve our shark bites antidotes, a bulletproof vest for underwater mines, and also improve buying other sharks as hammerheads, among other things. It’s a free game with in-game purchases, for example, have more lives. download
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