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The Best Ways in Which You Can Give Your Sports Club More Exposure

Let’s face it – there are plenty of sports clubs in different communities in the US, and a lot of these sports clubs are facing challenges when it comes to getting the exposure they need. Since there are many sports clubs ranging from youth clubs to young adult clubs to sports clubs for adults and seniors, your own sports club may be having a difficult time trying to recruit new members and maybe even retain existing memberships. But if you want to get more members, your first step might be to make people aware that your club is out there – that your sports club exists and is raring to go. So how can you make individuals aware of your club and what benefits they can get if they join? Here are the best ways through which you can give your sports club more exposure in your community.

  1. Coordinate with your local newspapers

Granted, it’s a little harder to rely on written communication nowadays since almost everyone gets their news online, but there are still benefits to coordinating with your local newspapers and the local press. Most villages, cities, and towns in the US still release local magazines or newspapers, and almost all have online versions of these magazines and newspapers, too. If you want to get a bit more exposure in your local area, all you have to do is contact your local magazine or newspaper and ask them to do a feature or spot on your sports club. Even if you have to settle a fee, it’s worth it, and some press people may even do it for free if you pitch your sports club well enough. To make your story more relevant, you can include details such as competition wins, outstanding performances from members, or events.

  1. Pay attention to social media

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays, and if you aren’t on social media yet, you’re losing out. You can gain a lot of exposure through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best thing about social media is that it’s free, so you can essentially market your sports club without spending anything. You can also invest a bit of money for social media advertising, but the reward in this is that you can reach out to hundreds – even thousands – of prospective new members. Another great thing you can invest in is club membership software available from, where you can send out group email updates, requests for payments, and even manage your club’s schedules and membership roster – all in one portal.

  1. Don’t forget the power of networking

Networking may be cliché, but it’s another thing that works. Networking can be quite powerful when it comes to your sports club because it gives you the chance to reach out and get noticed. With proper networking, you can partner with other sports clubs in your area or businesses and community groups, and you can collaborate with them on competitions, events, and so on. You can even do a seemingly simple thing like visiting your local schools and giving the children snacks or treats, along with flyers that include information about your sports club which they can bring home to their parents. The idea is straightforward, and your output isn’t substantial, but you can get potentially substantial rewards in the end.

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