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The Digital Landscape of College Search

When considering the types of content that can reach the prospective students interested in a particular college or university, TikTok stands out amongst the most popular social media platforms to do so. That’s in part because social media creates a new pathway to connecting to, teaching, and growing a passionate student base. Any school can go viral on a platform such as TikTok with enough planning and the right message. To do that, colleges must create the type of content that resonates with their very specific demographics. That’s not always easy to do. The use of enrollment marketing agencies for graduate programs, for example, can help colleges and universities target this very specific educational market to reach people who are searching for that information and poised to decide on the next step of their educational careers. By creating content that resonates with that audience, colleges create a direct line between a prospective student and the school in much the same way (or better) than welcoming them in for a tour. It’s clear that social media can create some unique content opportunities for colleges to utilize. For more information on how these new methods of recruitment are being used, take a moment to review the infographic accompanying this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, an organization offering a premier alumni engagement platform

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