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The ultimate guide to answering services

An answering service is a company that answers calls on behalf of another corporation. Pretty straightforward, right? Suppose you own or work at a company; if you cannot hire a team to answer customer calls, you can outsource this service to a dedicated company. In this sense, answering service providers are a boon for many. However, beware, as an answering service provider can protect your business in a positive light, while an inefficient one can cause disappointed customers and lost sales opportunities.

What is an answering service?

An answering service provider, as the name suggests, answers calls on behalf of your company. Call centres, virtual receptionists, and Interactive voice response systems are all examples of answering services.

How do answering services work?

An answering service can be used to perform multiple functions, such as-

  • Forward call to you or another company
  • Write messages
  • Sell products to prospective customers
  • Resolve customer grievances
  • Take customer feedback
  • Collect personal data and much more

To sum up, the 24 hour answering service can perform whatever you choose. However, on the whole, when you employ a 24-hour answering service, you are paying them to represent your business.

Prospective or existing customers would be in touch with the operators. Thus, answering service providers significantly impacts your enterprise’s reputation image, making it imperative to choose an able one.

What are the qualities of excellent answering service?

A good answering service would adeptly handle all your requirements, such as taking messages, collecting data, or making sales pitches. Moreover, since they could be the ones who customers first come in contact with, they must be customer-oriented so they see your business in a positive light.

Another thing to look for is the ability of the service provider to follow up with you. Ideally, after a call, the service provider would send you a follow-up email containing all the necessary information, such as messages, customer details, and more. This entire process should be seamless to prevent miscommunication and handle customers’ requests swiftly.

It would be a plus if the answering service had the technology to automatically forward calls to your company numbers. This will prevent the hassle of calling multiple numbers or being constantly redirected.

Which companies use answering services?

Companies of all sizes and styles can take advantage of answering services. Whether customers need to book appointments or buy products, your business can guide them to these service providers. Some examples of where businesses can benefit from answering services are-

  • Small businesses that cannot hire a dedicated team to answer calls
  • Hospitals or private clinics help people make appointments swiftly and easily
  • Professional services to take messages from customers and clients
  • Construction companies so they don’t miss calls when they are on-site
  • Large-scale companies that need a professional team to take calls


An answering service takes calls and messages, helps make appointments, and more. These are highly beneficial for almost all companies due to their plethora of advantages. Plus, if you are a small enterprise, you may not have the budget to hire an entire team to take calls; you can choose to answer services.

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