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ThriveDX: 6 Jobs For Coding Bootcamp Graduates

Coding Bootcamp is a great way to acquire vital skills in tech. Coding Bootcamps offer training in many disciplines, including data science, software engineering, web development, cybersecurity training, and user experience design.  

ThriveDX offers training for most in-demand tech jobs, helping its learners stay competitive. Learners acquire digital skills in a relatively short time. 

Bootcamps are designed to prepare students to work in today’s digital workplace. They tailor their training in a way that mirrors real-life situations. The big question is whether students get jobs after enrolling in coding Bootcamp and what type of jobs. 

Statistics from Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) show that 79% of Bootcamp graduates get employed within six months after graduating. 

According to Grand Circus, 90% of Bootcamp graduates find employment within six months of graduation. Going by these statistics, it’s worthwhile to pursue the course because graduates have no hard time securing jobs. 

Here are six jobs coding Bootcamp graduates can get after completing the course.

Six Tech Jobs Post Graduation

Software Engineer

Graduates can work as software engineers in different organizations. As a software engineer, they design applications and software that perform various functions. For example, they can develop video games if they work for online game companies. 

Organizations may want to develop various platforms to improve their customer experience. Software engineers use their programming language knowledge to develop apps to perform various functions. Participating in a ThriveDX Coding Bootcamp or other Bootcamp programs can help you level up your programming skills and get the job you’ve been dreaming of. 

Data Analysts

Coding Bootcamps that have specialized in data analytics collect data and analyze them in a way that can benefit organizations. 

The collected data is organized in a way that is easy to understand. These graduates need programming skills such as SQL and tools such as Tableau. 

Software Developers

Software developers develop software depending on the user’s needs. They make use of models and flowcharts to create codes that are needed to create certain software. 

Software developers may have knowledge of Artificial Intelligence because they may be required to create software that mimics human beings. 

In today’s world, many functions being handled by human beings are being digitized.  Companies are using digitization to lower their costs. As a result, software developers are in big demand across various industries. 

Product Architects

Coding Bootcamps graduates with knowledge in product development can work as products architect, participating in developing various tech products. 

For example, a bank may want to develop an app to help its customers deposit or withdraw money using their mobile phones. Product architects would be tasked with designing, building, and developing the mobile platform. 

Junior Developer

There are many opportunities for entry-level developers in the tech world. Junior developers may be required to perform simple web and software development tasks. As they gain experience over time, they will be expected to perform more demanding tasks. 

UI/UX Designers

Coding Bootcamp graduates can work as UX/UI designers to design visual designs and user interfaces for mobile apps, websites, and other products. Their goal is to improve user experience by making products more user-friendly. 

ThriveDX’s Programs

A picture of a UX/UI designer creating a design for a new app.

ThriveDX offers various programs tailored to meet the market demand of the tech world. The following are some of the programs offered.

Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp

Cybersecurity professional Bootcamp is designed to deal with skyrocketing cybercrime. Many companies have lost a lot of money through cybercrime. 

The proliferation of cyberattacks inspired the company on cybersecurity training in a bid to curb the vice. ThriveDX gives students the practical knowledge and skills needed to solve cybercrime. The program is offered in person or online, depending on what suits the learners.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

There has been a growing demand for promotion, advertising, and marketing. Competition has intensified in the business world, and companies are looking for ways to promote their products and increase their online visibility. 

ThriveDX offers digital marketing programs that impart digital marketing and e-commerce skills. ThriveDX program offers a market-driven curriculum that mirrors real-world experience. 

UI/UX Design Bootcamp

A big chunk of businesses is conducted online using applications or digital gadgets. UI/UX design focuses on product design, mobile apps, and web prototyping to improve user experience. 

ThriveDX’s UI/UX design program is tailored to develop critical skills required in the job market. 

Software Development Bootcamp

Software developers are among the most sought-after people in the job market due to their ability to develop agile software applications that meet business and customer needs. 

Education institutions are looking for organizations or people with this know-how to train their students. ThriveDX’s software development Bootcamp program helps students learn how to code using different computer languages. 

Learners are taught artificial intelligence, lean software development, and cloud computing. Students are taught real-world problems and how to tackle them. 

Data Analytics and Data Science Program

Data science has become popular owing to practical applications in the business world. Companies are using data to make better decisions and solve complex problems. Companies that use big data are better placed to compete more favorably than those that do not. 

Data analytics and data science entail collecting a large amount of data and using artificial intelligence tools to collect, organize, and analyze. ThriveDX runs a data analytics and data science program tailored to meet market needs.  

The Bootcamps train their students to collect and analyze large datasets using artificial intelligence and probability. The program uses real-world problems, thus offering learners with skills to offer technical solutions in the job market.

Cyber Arcade

The program is designed to teach learners how to tackle cybersecurity threats. ThriveDX employs a systematic approach designed to train a cybersecurity workforce that will be highly responsive and effective in tackling cyber crimes. 

ThriveDX uses graded quizzes and detailed notes to teach. The tutors are highly trained and offer all kinds of support learners need.

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