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Tips & tricks to change your SD TV to HD!

As technology advances, we always have something new to look forward to. From black and white to coloured televisions, technology has definitely come a long way. The latest television sets today support 8K video quality. The contrast, the brightness, or the detailing, everything is so lifelike! When we have access to such video quality, there’s no point watching your favorite shows in a normal Standard Definition quality.

While buying a TV that supports 8K can be an expensive affair, you can just convert your SD TV to an HD one. This article will talk about an affordable way to change your SD TV to an HD one.

You can either buy a budget smart TV that supports full HD or 4K video quality as an upgrade or you can get an android box that can help your regular TV produce HD videos.

Let’s talk more about the most affordable option – Android Box.

How can an android box turn your TV into HD?

You can find multiple brands of android boxes online. Each comes with its own unique features. As per the context, we need an affordable android box that supports HD or 4K video quality. Airtel DTH set-top boxes or android boxes can help you with the same.

If you wish to upgrade from an SD box to an HD one, you can opt for an Airtel DTH HD set-top box.

Airtel HD set-top box

The Airtel HD or High Definition set top box offers users premium video quality with ‘record and pause’ features. You can watch your favourite shows on HD channels with this particular box. The box supports both HD and SD channels.

However, it’s not an Android box.

Airtel Xstream box

The Airtel Xstream android box is for users who are looking for something more than an HD box. The Xstream box can not only offer you 4K video quality but also turn your regular TV into a smart one. You can stream OTT content in 4K on your regular TV with the Xstream box. Additionally, you can also watch your network shows in HD with the box.

If you are already using an Airtel SD box, here’s how you can upgrade your set-top box to an HD one or an Xstream one today.

How to upgrade your set-top box?

  • If you are using an Airtel DTH SD box, you need to pay just Rs. 699 to upgrade from SD to an HD box. Additionally, you will have to pay Rs. 150 for an engineer visit.
  • If you are upgrading your set-top box to Airtel Xtsream box, you need to pay just Rs. 1999! Your installation will be free of cost. Additionally, you will get 12 months of Disney+ Hotstar free with the upgrade.

Ways to request an upgrade:

  • Give a missed call at 88004-88001 to upgrade your set-top box.


  • Head to the Airtel DTH webpage.
  • Click on the upgrade box from the drop down.
  • Choose the type of upgrade and click on get now.
  • Enter your mobile number and region.

Airtel executive will call you with the further steps.

By using these simple steps, you can turn your normal SD TV into an HD or even a 4K one today! You can also look at the concept of Airtel IPTV to stream your favourite shows online.

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