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What are the key components of medical practice management software?

If you work in the health industry, you have likely heard of practice management software (PMS) before. If you are on the fence and contemplating practice management software, you may be wondering what its key components are. In this post we’ll share some of the main features PMS offers to give you a better understanding.

Comprehensive Scheduling

You’ll find that almost every PMS program will offer a scheduling component. It is always a good idea to choose one that has advanced scheduling capabilities to ensure that it can cover every facet of your scheduling needs and make running your practice that much easier on a daily basis.

Some of the key things to look for would be:

  1. Colour-coding options
  2. Multi-view calendar
  3. Drag and drop appointment scheduling
  4. Simplicity and ease of use
  5. Rooms and resources feature

Having these features at your fingertips streamlines the way you do business and can significantly boost productivity and the level of service that you offer your patients.

Insurance Verification

The UK Practice Management Software program you choose must have insurance verification. Why? The main reasons are that it drastically reduces errors by simplifying the claims process. This is easier for you and it means that your patients will get their rebates back much faster. This feature should be able to store, manage and process insurance information as well as offer the best course of action to handle insurance claims.

This feature works by comparing patient insurance details stored on the database and then verifying the coverage they are entitled to for the particular service they have received. It does this quickly and takes out the guesswork.

Patient Portal

Having a patient portal is a versatile feature that offers several benefits for both you, the health care provider and your patients. It can not only organise and store patients’ medical data making it easy to access, but it enables patients to access their records at the practice either via an app or online. Here they can find things such as their test results, billing, appointments, and so much more.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Another key feature Practice management software will have is automated appointment reminders. This not only saves you time but can boost patient care and the efficiency of your practice. No-shows can be detrimental to your business, they waste your time and money. Not to mention that your patients aren’t receiving the care that they need and this can have negative impacts on their health. The main reason for no-shows is simply that patients get busy and forget. Automated reminders send reminders to your patients in the lead-up to their appointments via text. You do not have to do a thing and spending hours on hours doing follow-up calls becomes a thing of the past, freeing up time for other things.

Patient Registration Management

Practice management software that offers patient registration management features is beneficial for several reasons. This feature assists with registering new patients for their first visit. Instead of having paper trails of this important information, it is collected digitally, and this can streamline this process and make it more efficient. It reduces legibility errors and the wrong information being entered into the system. You can pull up this information quickly if and when needed.

Encrypted and State-Of-The-Art Security Measures

Old-school ways of keeping and storing data are not up to today’s standards. With a quality practice management software program, you can keep your data secure using state-of-the-art encrypted security measures. This prevents theft or damage from water or fire. Advanced settings enable you to have a permission system that blocks and prevents unauthorised employees from accessing information that is not relevant to their role. This means you can control who sees what and when, this not only boosts the security of the practice but your patient’s data doesn’t ever get in the wrong hands. This level of security cannot be matched by keeping and storing paper records.

Accounting and Financials

With practice management practice software, you can synchronise and export invoices, payment records and billing. Additionally, you can reduce lost revenue by integrating your practice management software program with an online payment gateway or terminal to process claims for things such as debit card and credit card payments, public health cover and private health insurers.

Telehealth and Remote Tools

PMS can offer a list of options that you can integrate into your account some of these include telehealth and remote tools such as virtual appointments and referrals. Rather than having to physically attend an appointment, your patients can do it online. Telehealth appointments and exercise programs are some of the many options available.

Practice management software is the way of the future

Digital management of running a health care practice offers ample benefits that are simply unmatched by doing things the traditional way. Since it first hit the market, practice management software has gained traction fast, and more practitioners use it than those who don’t. It can boost productivity, improve patient care and involvement, reduce errors, and streamline and simplify everyday practice operations.

If you have been wanting to try practice management software, why not give our sophisticated system here at Nookal a go? We offer an obligation-free 30-day trial so you can try it out and see how transformation.

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