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What Bank Managers Look for in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

Every year bank branches lose thousands of dollars due to human error, negligence, and internal theft. Today’s bank managers are tasked with the job to make sure all currency is accounted for, is handled correctly, and that an outstanding customer experience is offered without interruption. Without the right banking supplies, all of these can suffer. As a result, savvy bank managers look for the best tamper evident bank bags for banking supplies to ensure cash is secure, and operations are running smoothly. Here are some of the features found in tamper evident bank bags that managers look for, and the value these highlights bring to the table.

Tamper Evident Bank Bags with Large Serial Numbers

It may not seem like an important feature for improving security and efficiency, but having tamper evident bank bags with large serial numbers is important for both. Large serial numbers on bank bags are important because they are easy to pick up on CCTV. In the event bags of currency are unaccounted for, bank managers and security teams can review CCTV footage, identify specific bags, and learn where they were routed. Also, having large serial numbers on bags enters the thief’s subconscious signaling that these bags are enhanced and are being closely monitored, and this feature alone has detoured theft attempts.

Tamper Evident Bags Revealing Heat Tampering Attempts

Traditional tamper evident bags are easy to open when applying a heat source to the opening. However, the best tamper evident bank bags use a special seal with releases a dye that’s activated with heat to show that tampering was performed. This will not only let bank managers know when they need to count the contents of these bags and see who handled them, but it also helps to deter thieves from trying to open the bag with a hot iron, flame, or hot air blower.

The Best Tamper Evident Bags are Cling-Proof and Anti-Static

This feature may not reduce theft, but it does improve efficiency. Bags of currency get handled very frequently by multiple teams. First, you have tamper evident bank bags that contain bills, and you have tamper evident bank bags that contain coins. Internal shipping and receiving teams will handle these bags and direct them to various locations including vaults and armored vehicles. They will also make documented hand-offs to armored vehicle teams. With all the movement and weight variations, bags can be dropped and interrupt flow. They can also split open when hitting the ground. Static can allow bags to cling to workers, which interrupts flow and increases the chance that bags will be dropped or not get properly counted.      When investing in tamper evident bank bags, try to get types that have anti-static coating to help increase efficiency.

The Details Matter

Make sure you look carefully at the details and features in your tamper evident bank bags; not only should they be designed to serve their purpose and help prevent theft, they should also be designed to help make banks operate more efficiently. They should stack well without sliding, be easy to track, and show any tampering attempts through various technology features. When you buy the best tamper evident bank bags, you set yourself to hit all of your growth goals.

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