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What is Electronic Waiver Booking Software & Why are they so Important to Tour and Rental Company Operators? 

Tour and rental companies have become increasingly popular, with more people seeking adventurous experiences and activities. However, with the excitement of these experiences come risks, and companies need to protect themselves against liability in case of accidents or injuries. This is where electronic waiver booking software comes in. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of using waiver electronic booking software for tour and rental companies and why aWaiver by Indexic is the preferred electronic waiver software in the industry.

What is Electronic Waiver Booking Software?

Electronic waiver booking software is a platform that allows businesses to collect and store digital waivers signed by their customers. This software is especially important for tour and rental companies that offer activities with inherent risks, such as parasailing, summer camps, jet-ski tours or rentals, boat rentals, golf carts rentals, horseback riding and classes, ATV rentals and tours, snowmobile rentals, rock climbing, and zip-lining. By requiring customers to sign electronic waivers before participating in these activities, companies can limit their liability in case of accidents or injuries.

Why Do Tour and Rental Companies Need Waiver Electronic Booking Software?

Liability Protection

Tour and rental companies face many potential risks and liabilities, from accidents to injuries and even fatalities. Having customers sign electronic waivers before participating in activities can protect companies from lawsuits and legal action in case something goes wrong. The electronic waiver booking software keeps all signed waivers organized and easily accessible, which can be useful in legal disputes.

Streamlined Process

Collecting and storing paper waivers can be a hassle, especially for tour and rental companies that deal with a high volume of customers. Electronic waiver booking software streamlines the process by allowing customers to sign digital waivers before arriving at the location, making the check-in process much faster and smoother.

Customer Convenience

Customers appreciate convenience, and electronic waiver booking software offers just that. By allowing customers to sign digital waivers from the comfort of their own homes or on their mobile devices, companies can offer a more convenient and efficient booking process. This can also improve the overall customer experience, making customers more likely to return in the future.

Environmental Sustainability

In addition to being more convenient, electronic waiver booking software is also more environmentally friendly. By eliminating the need for paper waivers, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

aWaiver by Indexic

After researching the waiver electronic booking software available in the market, we have found that aWaiver by Indexic is the preferred electronic waiver software in the industry for tour and rental companies. Here are our findings and reasons why:

User-Friendly Interface

aWaiver by Indexic is very user-friendly, which makes it easy for customers to sign digital waivers.  aWaiver takes your liability waiver from your insurance company and transforms it into an electronic waiver.  The software is also easy to use for companies.  It offers a simple self-guided sign-up process.

Secure Storage

aWaiver by Indexic uses secure servers to store digital waivers, ensuring that customer information is protected. Users are able to safely and securely capture the identity of the person signing your waiver, which will be kept in the cloud for 7 years so you can reference it as needed.  It also allows companies to export signed waivers to PDF, making it easy to keep organized records of signed waivers.

Automatic Reminders

Indexic is also the developer of aReservation, a tour and rental operator booking software.  While both software can be used autonomously. When used together, there are several features that can automate the signing of waivers and automatic text message reminders to customers who have not yet signed their digital waivers, reducing the likelihood of customers arriving without signed waivers. This helps tour and rental operators save time when their two software are used together.

Customizable Features

aWaiver by Indexic offers customizable features, allowing companies to tailor their digital waivers to their specific needs. This can include adding a video attached to the waiver for advance messaging or training, custom fields, email, DOB, and branding the waiver with the company’s logo, and more.

Multiple Signatures

aWaiver is designed so that a guardian or parent can sign for multiple minors all at once.

Two Ways to Sign

Customers are able to quickly sign their liability waiver electronically either at home or on your onsite kiosk using any Apple or Android tablet. This saves them time and allows them to get out on their tour, rental, or adventure faster.

Secure Signing

aWaiver offers four points of identification to ensure secure waiver signing onsite or at the customer’s home.

Unlimited Waivers,

One has access to an unlimited number of waivers, ensuring you never run out when you need them most.

Never Expires and Affordability

Another feature aWaiver offers is affordability, and the waivers you purchase never expire. Allowing you to roll waivers from one to the next.

Unlimited Pages

There are no limits on the number of pages needed.


Tour and rental companies must use waiver electronic booking software to protect themselves from potential liabilities and streamline their booking process. By using electronic waiver booking software, companies can offer a more convenient and efficient experience for their customers while also contributing to a more sustainable future. After researching the available options, we have conclude that aWaiver by Indexic provides more features, expert support and affordability than the other electronic waiver software companies  If you would like to learn more about aWaiver, click here

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