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What Types of Cyber Security Jobs Are There?

The world of cyber security presents interesting career opportunities for those who are digitally minded.

The growth of the global digital marketplace has been exponential. With millions of new websites created each day, individuals and businesses are creating online spaces where they can create communities surrounding their brands. This crossover into the digital world has revealed a growing demand for cyber security services. Growing demand means retraining in this area right now could see the average employee in a better financial position in the coming years.

The Importance of Cyber Security

The cybersecurity industry is set to grow to 345.4 billion USD by the year 2026. With such a strong growth factor, the market is set to become an integral part of the future of online trading. Cyber security threats cost industry billions of dollars each year, with the cost of an individual data scandal reaching into the millions per company. Facebook were fined $5bn USD for their part in the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica, although they are a gargantuan example.

With such huge figures flying around, it’s no wonder that the CEOs and stakeholders in large corporations would rather pay high-end rates for a good cyber security team than they would pay out in damages once it’s too late.

What Types of Cyber Security Jobs Are There?

There are more Cyber Security Jobs than you think there are. Here are a few of the roles to consider, should you wish a new career in the world of cybercrime.

The Vulnerability Analyst

The vulnerability analyst has one of the most enviable roles in cyber security. A vulnerability analyst essentially tries to hack into your systems from the outside. They don’t do this with the intention of causing damage. They do it to expose the weaknesses that you need to protect your business from. They can then put together a detailed report on everything you need to put in place to prevent such vulnerabilities being exposed.

The Technical Architect

The cyber security technical architect’s role is to design the software that will keep you safe from outside attacks. They are the architect, which means they create the framework. Others will come along behind them and write in the smaller code that fills the holes; they create the house that holds it all.

The Network Security Engineer

If you take on a role as a network security engineer, your job isn’t to protect individual systems or files from outside attack, but to protect the whole network. There are several points along the way of a business’s treatment of data where it is exposed. If you are sending and receiving sensitive information via the cloud, then the network must be a secure one.

The Malware Analyst

The malware analyst is like the lab technician who stays back in the cyber security office to analyse data that the field agents send them. They take apart malware to see how it works, analyse its insides, and then create detailed reports that feed back to the software engineers. They can write code to protect against those malware threats in future, creating an ever-strengthening ecosystem of security.

Could a career in cyber security be for you? It’s the modern day spy agency of computing.

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