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When to Use pdf editor Instead of Conversion

PDF format is often considered to be the ‘finishing’ format, meaning that the final product is often stored and shared in this format. Resistant to change and manipulation, it is indeed an ideal way to share content. However, there are always times when one needs to edit pdf – despite best efforts, and there might be some mistakes left over.

Complete Conversion or Editing?

Many states that the best way to edit a pdf is to convert it into a more pliable format such as word. However, word conversions can bring their own set of hassles, including the risk of accidentally changing something correctly. Hence, sometimes, the more prudent route is to edit pdf online and preserve the original document to the greatest extent.

When to Use Editor

Here are some scenarios when using a PDF editor is the right choice –

  • Minor Changes

When the changes to be made are very small, such as spelling corrections or minor annotations, editing the PDF itself is the right choice. In a word format, the whole document becomes editable, leading to the deletion of the right content.

  • Formatting Preservation

This is another reason to use a pdf editor. The formatting of the PDF is likely to be the final one, with the images and other symbols in place too. Changing the document to another format runs the risk of shifting these images and otherwise destroying the formatting. Thus, it is best to use a pdf editing tool.

  • View Final Product

Editing the PDF itself can give a person a good idea of how the changed PDF will look. This helps make the right choice not just in terms of content but also in aesthetic appeal and broader visibility, making the option to edit pdf online the right choice.

  • Changes Have to Be Quick

When a change has to be made quickly into a pdf, converting the whole thing into a different format can become too much of a hassle. Instead, editing the PDF itself is a much better option as it would take only a few minutes to get done with the work.

Choosing the Right pdf editor

While there are many software and websites available online to enable the editing of PDF, not all are worth checking out. Here is how to choose the right editor –

  • A good editor has the reviews of users to back it up, so do make sure to do an online search regarding this before getting down to the business of editing.
  • It is also a good idea to read the platform’s privacy policy – one would not want their PDFs stored on the company’s database or available to third parties.
  • Remember that basic editing options such as adding signatures or comments are not the same as editing the complete PDF. Some websites claim to offer the latter while giving out the former, so beware.

With these points in mind, anybody can look edit pdf online with ease!

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