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Why is Ecommerce Personalization So Important?

Ecommerce personalization is quite the buzzword, and while you may know how to create a customized experience for a customer- Do you know why it’s so incredibly important? Read on to discover the five ways in which eCommerce personalization is so important.

An Increase in Sales

The most important part of any business is its sales. Sorry folks, we’d love to say something heartwarming and sweet but sales truly are what keeps a business running. Because with no sales, you have no business!

Personalization is a booster of sales because customers are more likely to return to the site that showed them exactly what they needed. And personalization allows you to do just that… show those customers exactly what they need.

A Chance at Increased Loyalty

Something wonderful about personalization in the eCommerce world is that it has a great chance at upping your levels of customer loyalty. The level of loyalty all rests on the experience the shopper has on your site. Personalization makes this experience better by making it-

  • Easier to navigate
  • More efficient
  • More engaging

We know that increased loyalty is great for sales, but it’s also good for your business’s reputation. The more loyal customers you have, the better reputation you earn.

A Way To Raise Comfort Levels With Online Shopping

Some customers still don’t feel completely comfortable doing their shopping online. They much rather do it in person. But why is that? Many times it’s because they rely on sales associates who can understand exactly what they’re looking for and help them find just the right thing.

The beauty of personalization is that when it’s done well, it gives customers the exact same experience that they would have had with a sales associate. It makes the customer feel like you truly understood them and their needs, which is just what they were looking for!

A Way to Branch Out

A great plus of eCommerce personalization is that it allows you to reach different audiences than you normally would. If I were to advertise only one type of sale to all of my customers, would I be having different groups of people shopping for that sale? Nope, just one group! Same thing if I’m only advertising a specific set of products to every single one of my customers.

But because personalization allows you to advertise different groups of products to different groups of people, you’re much more likely to rhea groups that you haven’t been able to reach in the past.

A Way to Stay on Track

To put it lightly, if you’re not personalizing, then you’re falling behind. The eCommerce world is becoming more customizable each and every day, and if you want your business to stay relevant then you need to start personalization… and quick!

Customers notice very quickly when a site seems outdated and untrustworthy. And pretty soon, if your eCommerce site doesn’t personalize, it will be seen as outdated to the customers using it.

There you have it, the five reasons that eCommerce personalization is so important in today’s world.

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