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YouTube Shorts Downloader: How to Download YouTube Shorts

You’re browsing YouTube Shorts and you’ve found a certain video you want to save. It could be a video you want to refer to when checking your car’s oil, or a video with audio you want to keep for yourself.

As of today, YouTube Shorts no longer have the ability to save videos within the app. However, there is definitely a way to download YouTube Shorts without the in-app option.

Although downloading a TikTok video is convenient (because you can do it in the app itself if the creator has allowed downloading videos), when you download a YouTube Shorts video, there is no watermark stamped on it.

Ever since it was introduced, YouTube Shorts have become a massive hit, covering more than 5 billion views in a short period of time. While it has presented viewers with a variety of engaging content to watch, some of them have turned out to be truly download-worthy. If you want to download YouTube Shorts on different devices, you are in the right place. Read on as we discuss the five best ways to download YouTube Shorts on Android, iPhone and PC.

How to download YouTube Shorts Video?

an easy way to download any short video from YouTube to your iPhone is to use online tools to export the desired video to your device and view it in the Photos app. With that being said, let’s have a detailed look at the steps involved in the same.

  1. Copy the link to your YT Shorts video by clicking the Share button and pressing Copy Link.
  1. Next, open YouTube Shorts Downloader in any web browser on your iPhone and paste the copied link into the search box.
  1. Wait a few seconds for the tool to capture the desired video.
  1. Select your preferred video quality and click the Get Link button to download the selected YT Shorts video to your device.
  1. Press the Download button to confirm your action.
  1. Now find the download tab in your browser and open the downloaded video to play it.
  1. Press the Share icon in the lower left corner and tap Save Video to export the downloaded video to the Photos app.
  1. That’s it! You can now watch the downloaded short video in your iPhone’s Photos app


I hope you liked how to download YouTube Shorts Video , if you have any problem to understand or have any question you can ask in the comment box, we will surely answer your question.

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