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Yubo Delivering on Promise to Create Safe Space Social Media for Gen Z

The live streaming social media platform Yubo was founded in 2015. It’s on a mission to maintain a safe space for Gen Z to explore the world and express who they are. To accomplish this, they’re continually evolving and applying strategies like these.

Dedicated to Community-Building

Keeping Gen Z safe online is a community effort. So, this social media company is constantly collaborating with leading child safety organizations around the world as well as several government agencies.

They actively work with these groups, run educational initiatives on their platform, and seek input on how they can do even more to create a safe and enjoyable social media experience.

Stopping Unethical Gen Z Targeting

Many social media platforms and publishers rely on ad revenue to support their platforms. Since Yubo‘s target user is Gen Z, who are currently 10-25, they’ve chosen not to take that usual path.

Instead, they invite new users to join for free. Then, if they want more visibility or added features, they can pay for the premium version.

Protecting Gen Z Location Information

Users can choose to hide their locations from other users and restrict the ability of others to find them based on their phone number.

Before a user shares their info with another user, they get a popup message asking them if this is a smart decision.

Even on Yubo with all its safeguards, someone could pretend to be someone else, so layers of protection work together to reduce risk.

Users See Content By Age

The Yubo community is age-based, so 11YOs only see content from people close to their age. This can reduce the risk of exposure to “adult” content that older Gen Z may share. This content may not break any platform rules. Younger Gen Z may just not be ready for it.

To maintain this age-based system, Yubo uses Yoti artificial intelligence. It can look at facial features and estimate a person’s age. If the AI doesn’t think the picture matches the age the user gave, or it may be doctored, it asks for additional age verification. Gen Z may not have a government ID, so the tool tries to verify using the documents the user could have.

Real-Time Human Moderators

Real people moderate content in real-time on this platform and, if needed, intervene.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology helps them focus their efforts on the most likely sources of unsafe content like pornography, exploitation, or bullying.

Even though moderators can’t be everywhere at once, the fact that they can shut down a user’s live stream immediately can encourage users to learn the rules and not break them.

This is just one more way that Yubo is creating a safe space for users.

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