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Yubo Launches Two New Features to Improve User Experience

In early 2022, Yubo announced that people could now find new friends on the site by using tags. Tags can help people make connections in one of two ways. First, users can add tags that represent their interests when setting up an account. Secondly, Yubo shows friend suggestions to users who choose the same tags when establishing a profile.

Account-holders can return to their profile at any time to add or modify their tags. The app shows several category suggestions to make it easier for people to select their most relevant interests. Once connected, users can form groups based on their shared interests if they desire.

Yubo allows users to add up to 200 new connections per day. Any tags that users choose to add will be visible to other users, making it easier to strike up conversations with new people. Some top examples of tags include current hobbies, favorite movies and television shows, and favorite foods. Approximately two-thirds of all new users choose to include tags when signing up for a Yubo account.

Livestream Onboarding

The name of Yubo’s other new feature is Livestream Onboarding. When users click on that option, they see an interface that explains how to use the feature. Due to the young age of many of the app’s users, the camera and microphone feature remains in the off position when they access Livestream Onboarding. Rather than speak to other users through video, people using the app request to join an ongoing conversation by pressing the raised hand button.

The interface that explains how to use Livestream Onboarding disappears after a few minutes, and the app switches to presenting the current top livestreams. Users can join one of these livestreams or search for one that better represents their own interests. Joining a livestream does not obligate users to participate in discussions if they would rather just be an observer. Other users only see the profile picture and username for each person who joins the livestream.

Yubo Helps Users Alleviate Loneliness

Loneliness is a universal problem that became temporarily worse during the coronavirus pandemic, especially for young people who were accustomed to being around their peers. Facebook, Instagram, and other popular long-standing social media platforms do not always help, because people tend to focus on getting likes and followers rather than true engagement.

An application that allows people to connect over shared interests provides a unique approach that does not encourage people to negatively compare themselves to others. Instead of promoting a preoccupation with popularity, Yubo brings people together over things they already have in common.

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