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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Technology |

China opens high-speed railway line world’s longest

China opens high-speed railway line world's longest

, in addition to occupying a key role as second largest economy, is becoming a country of reference in civil engineering, especially as they are often projects that trigger all records. The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric facility in the world and Aizhai Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world linking two tunnels, huge civil works in addition to the layout of the world’s longest high railway speed was inaugurated today .

The layout consists of 2,298 kilometers of high-speed railway with the Asian giant hopes to compete with air routes and also cause the price of air tickets tend to decline with the presence of this new actor. This line connecting the cities of Beijing and Guangzhou, that is, the country’s capital city with more commercial activity in the south, with a journey time of eight hours compared to 22 hours needed to cover this trip means land, bringing the necessary travel time is significantly reduced thanks to the 300 mph average speed of high-speed trains have been put into operation.

This stretch of 2,298 miles is not, even remotely, the first section of high-speed railway in the country, the project began five years ago and has already deployed about 9,300 kilometers across the country while the goal for 2015 is 16,000 kilometers and 50,000 kilometers by 2020 (the date on which they expect to establish four rail routes that connect the capital with the north, south, east and west).

For this project, China has relied on foreign technology and has enjoyed great services in the railway sector players (Siemens, Alstom, Kawasaki, etc.) as well as import rails from Venezuela and Turkey, however, it seems that after this nationwide project aims to reinvest the know-how acquired during the project to develop a national railway industry can continue with the structuring of the territory.

Anyway, the project is not without controversy since to get here, the construction of this high speed line and has suffered several accidents, including the most notorious was the collision of two that took the lives of about 40 people last year.

Incidentally, the release date, today December 26, nor is it casual as it coincides with the birthday of Mao Tse-Tung .

Images: Physorg , China Absolute Tours and Public Domain Pictures

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