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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Windows |

FontFrenzy manages fonts in Windows easily

FontFrenzy manages fonts in Windows easily

One of the typical problems that may be encountered when, for example, conducted a presentation on a computer different from ours that it is not installed some of the sources we used and, of course, if we use a presentation the result can be something disastrous (because it can completely descuadrarse). Although sometimes considered as minor, fonts or typefaces are key to a document or presentation look good and therefore we manage them properly. While we can manage in a more or less easily from Windows, FontFrenzy offers an alternative, if anything, even more simple and which also can back up the fonts installed.

Dragging and dropping files in the folder TrueType are stored in fonts ( fonts ) within the Windows directory, we can add new to our system from the control panel, you can manage them in a more or less simple; however, the options available to Windows users are very limited and, for example, retrieve accidentally deleted a source is not simple.

With the idea of giving the user a more complete management of the fonts installed on your computer, SD Software has developed a free application (which can be used in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8) call FontFrenzy with which we can install new sources in our system (directly from the manager), and eliminate sources that we not use or do not like, delete all the sources we have added (and retain only those that are installed by default in Windows) or make snapshots (backups ) of the sources that we have installed and, for example, recall that if we lost for whatever reason.

Linked to management tasks, FontFrenzy allows us to visualize the handwriting of each of the fonts installed and well located, at a glance, you want to eliminate without having to remember the names of them.

Given that the application is free and simple enough to handle, FontFrenzy can be an application to be considered, especially for those without much ease in installing new fonts on your Windows computer.

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