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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

How to boost sales through social networks

How to boost sales through social networks

Some reports they plan to do will again this 2013 in regard to social networks indicate that one of the main objectives of the brands in this year that is coming will boost sales through social networks. This is an issue that has not yet been resolved, since channels like Facebook and Twitter are used more for marketing but have failed to take this to the level of “real life.” However, to start planning what we can do, let’s talk a little about the best practices for increasing Sales through social networks.

1. Transparency

It is important that we have well in mind that we have to be transparent about what we do. Users are not stupid, they know when we’re trying to sell them something. Then, have them in high esteem is critical. Therefore, it is important to be clear with the information we also always keep within the limits of Facebook policies.

2. Resources

If you want to sell, then we have to give our users all the tools available to us to choose our brand. This can be done by giving the necessary resources: information product or service, retail, customer service lines and more.

Not wait for our customers request, but Let us keep in mind before planning. Having contact with those responsible for the brand, we can access the release schedule to plan creative ideas to give this information, such as through games.

The we offer may end up tipping the balance to our side, so it is imperative that they are on hand from our users. Can you are about to make a purchase decision, and so we define its decision with this information.

3. Offers

We also need to be able to offer discounts and specials to users of our Social Media channels. Facebook has a tool called Facebook Offers to help us plan specials discount stores both physical and online.

But beyond Facebook Offers, there are plenty of creative ways to offer users special benefits only for being our followers. For example, we can give away concert tickets through Twitter, invite them to mark special events, and more.

The user loyalty is key to influencing purchasing decisions in the future both near and far. If we create a good brand image, then we will achieve tip the balance to our side, and this can be achieved by giving benefits that can not be found anywhere else.

4. Information

In the same way that the resources and the transparency, this is critical. As community managers, it is important you answer all the questions and mentions that we reach our social media channels. Now this means that many of them are asking for information on products.

As we said, the responses in social networks are fully visible, so we can also come in handy to assist other users with the same question. So, in addition to providing resources, we must respond with clear information.

In this regard, the response speed is also key. It shows that we have an excellent social networking service in which the client can attend in case of problems, which will meet personnel to assist you.

5. Customer

And when we talk about personnel in attending, we are also talking about customer service . We can influence the purchasing decisions of consumers if we open a channel in social networks where we show that the problems are being resolved.

We have given advice in other related opportunities best ways to open a channel of this style on Facebook or Twitter. The important thing is to understand that our customers need our help, and we have to be quick to do.

Finally, the customer service in social media is an excellent opportunity to show the rest of the users, who may be deciding a purchase, we’ll be for them at all times, even when they are having problems. In this, too, lies the “magic” of having another avenue of communication with a brand.

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