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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Popcorn Maker, Mozilla’s new tool

Popcorn Maker, Mozilla's new tool

This weekend was held in London on Festival, where the company has submitted Firefox, among other innovations, Popcorn Maker, a new tool to create videos using the intersection of content from various sources on the network.

As is traditional in the imprint of Mozilla, this is a free web application. With a simple interface based on drag & drop, can produce videos including content from various sources such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, etc. So, you get a video where you can cross maps, text, links, alerts, fragments of other videos, music, tweets, Wikipedia definitions, video effects …

As its developers said, is a new way of telling stories on the web, the famous story-telling that Mozilla continues twists through innovative tools like this. And whose philosophy explained its director, Brett Gaylor:

Popcorn Maker, Mozilla's new tool image 2

So far, the video on the web was trapped in a small black box. This changes Popcorn Maker, which takes to the rest of the web: linkable, with contents that are mixed, open, and connected to everyone. Until now it was only available to developers, but is now in the hands any person, through an intuitive interface that anyone can use. We are really excited to see what the world with him.

And as stated proudly one of the paradigms of Mozilla, all from the browser. And so universally and on any platform or operating system, since it is written in HTML, Javascript and CSS. As discussed in the corridors of Ravensbourne, surely limit the possibilities of not even know what its developers, will be only the creativity of the users. And both organizers and participants evidenced a clear optimism and approval with this new tool that connects seamlessly with the aspirations of Mozilla, reflected in its slogan: Media, Freedom, and the web.

In Popcorn Maker website can browse several examples of content already created with this tool, and make new ones from now. We can also learn to make watching the already developed because the timeline is not hidden, and can even edit them to see in real time the modifications we have introduced.

Popcorn Maker is for teachers, speakers, videobloggers, communicators of all types who want a powerful and innovative tool to convey his story, containing much richer and broader than the simple static video, and simple operation for anyone it can handle. And coined by Mozilla, ferrous who remain in their company philosophy: Media, Freedom, and the web.

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