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How to Strengthen your Data Access Control System

Whether your company has been successfully using an access control system or considering implementing your first system, it’s important to assess your access control system and procedures. If you still don’t have such a system, make sure to include it in your security plan. You need to have a plan and technology to offer secure data access to the right people. Regardless of where you are in your data access plan or system, make sure to keep the following tips in mind when boosting the data access control system in your company:

Assess the Features of the Access Control System

Access control systems vary in terms of features and you want a system that can provide what you need. When choosing a system, think about the areas in your operation where you need it, the time the system will be used for gaining access, the number of people with separate access levels, and the way the system fits into other components of your current systems already have.

Determine who Will Have Access to Certain Data

Not all people in your company need the same access to all business data. To make sure only authorised personnel can access certain data, consider the principle of least privilege. This requires users to access only the data and resources that they need to do their job functions. Every employee account must be set up with the minimum amount of privileges. But, you can add or subtract access privileges when necessary.

To get started with a user access management program, predefine the roles and responsibilities of your employees and determine the access levels appropriate to them. From applications to files and platforms, make sure you administer user access privileges based on the job duties and functions. Also, make sure to review your privileged user access on a regular basis by monitoring your employees’ behavior when accessing critical data and analysing such information to determine if they are using the information appropriately.

Utilise a Password Manager

This tool will limit the knowledge of employees of passwords and let those with privileged access use the password. After your employees create an account with the tool, you share a password with them that only these individuals can access in their accounts. The password manager will log in on the employees’ behalf without disclosing the password. This eliminates the possibility of employees writing down passwords or sharing them with other non-privileged users. These users cannot see the password; rather, they can only use it for logging into their password manager account.

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